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(RITCH) Growing up as a kid, do you remember at what point, if ever in your life, that you knew that music was going to be your professional career path?

(ERIC) When did you develop your passion for music and who are some of the artists that you loved growing up? And growing up did you see yourself as an outsider?

(RITCH) There was such a great and vibrant scene in the 70’s & 80’s in New York City especially in the East Village.Talk about what that scene was like and what your memories of it were.

(RITCH) Talk about what was going on in the clubs, I mean you’ve spoken about the art and the vibe but the clubs were a very very important part because I think they’re an essential thread to your particular journey in your life professionally.

(RITCH) How did you go from being an assistant to being an assistant booker - which is a whole different skill set. And number two, can you talk about some of the acts that you were involved with booking during your time at The Ritz?

(RITCH) Now from the Ritz, after 3 years you said you then went onto Elektra Records as an A&R Executive. Here's my question to you; was it difficult coming from a more free form environment of the Ritz into a more high profile / corporate environment like Elektra?\

(ERIC) What was the music scene like in NYC when you started at Elektra? And the follow up would be; back then as an A&R executive what did a typical day look like for you?

(RITCH) As an A&R executive when you were at Elektra, you also work with acts that you didn’t sign, you work with acts that are on the label. Can you talk to us about some of the artists that you worked in an A&R capacity with at Elektra?

(RITCH) Tell me Michael about the criteria that you developed out of that consciousness that you spoke of, where you realised I can’t just sign the things that I like or that are my friends or that are good - I have to go for great. Talk about what that criteria was for you as an executive in terms of your progress as an A&R executive.

(ERIC) How did Metallica first get on your radar and what was your ultimate vision for them when you signed them?

(RITCH) Was there ever any resistance to you as an A&R executive from bands that you were interested in due to a perception of so-called “selling out”?

(ERIC) So much of the hard rock scene and experience has a reputation of being macho, testosterone driven and homophobic and I’m wondering you as a gay man even back then... Was this your experience?

(RITCH) Michael, what inspired your move to Los Angeles to work at Geffen? And before you answer that, did you ever have any experience in LA or did you know the LA scene or the city at all?

(ERIC) How did the culture at Geffen compare with Elektra?

(RITCH) In the wonderful documentary made about you that we’ve mentioned before “Who The Fuck Is That Guy?” you spoke about the unique reasons that you wanted to sign White Zombie and it didn’t have to do with great songs at the time. Can you talk about what that was that made them special to you to really go to bat for them?

(ERIC) You also spoke in that documentary about your excessive drinking and drug use. What was the final straw that got you to completely stop?

(RITCH) You have a book coming out - tell us about it!

(ERIC) Michael, throughout your career as an A&R Executive have there been any books or films or art that have really resonated with you professionally speaking - that you could recommend to our audience?

(ERIC) Michael, What advice can you offer for artists and bands who are pursuing a career as an A&R Executive.

(RITCH) What advice would you have for anyone who’s listening who really is interested in pursuing a career as an A&R executive?



“I managed to maintain a certain integrity with these artists”

“I live in gratitude, I show up for life because now, anything and everything is possible”



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