Insider Profile | Nic Harcourt
[Music Director |Radio DJ | Artist Manager]

Regarded as being the ultimate "tastemaker" in music and named the "most influential DJ in America", Nic Harcourt has been an innovator as Music Director at the influential Los Angeles radio station, KCRW, and as host of the highly acclaimed music programs, "Morning Becomes Eclectic" and "Sounds Eclectic" as well as his new show on KCSN "The Nic Harcourt Show w/Jet" on KCSN.

Through the years he has been an early champion of many artists including Coldplay, Dido, Moby, Alanis Morrisette, Massive Attack, Damien Rice, Jem, Pete Yorn, David Gray And Norah Jones.

His talents have made him uniquely suited to select innovative music for motion pictures, television and commercials. His program is monitored daily by studio and advertising executives. Nic has worked as a music consultant and/ or music supervisor for such television shows as "Queer As Folk", "Life As We Know It", and "In Justice", as well as advertising campaigns for Mitsubishi Motors, Apple's IPod and Victoria's Secret. Nic has helped select music for the motion pictures Ice Age, Anchorman, Igby Goes Down and The Dukes Of Hazzard. He has also compiled and produced several volumes of live performance CD's under the Sounds Eclectic name and recently completed his first book, Music Lust.

Nic Harcourt | Radio DJ & Artist Manager

Nic Harcourt | Linkedin Page

 I’m interested in people, so if I can have a conversation with somebody about their process and that process can lead you into all sorts of weird and wonderful places in conversation."
- Nic Harcourt

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KCRW & KCSN Radio DJ & Music Director Nic Harcourt


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