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MUBUTV™ Insider Series launches its new season March 21st

HOLLYWOOD, CA (March 19, 2018) – After several successful episodes on its digital network, MUBUTV™ announces the launch of a new season of its flagship video interviews, MUBUTV's: Insider Series.

The new season focuses on the best ways for writers and artists to get their music into films, television, trailers, commercials, as well as new arenas like micro-licensing. The series features exclusive, intimate, one-on-one interviews with some of today’s top music supervisors from film.

Already scheduled to appear this season are Sarah Webster (Pitch Perfect I & II), Barry Cole from Spot Music, trailer houses (Danny Exum from Workshop Creative), music publishers (Cindy Bedell Slaughter from Heavy Hitters Music, Randy Frisch from LoveCat Music), as well as artist manager (Jamie Talbot), record producer (Eric Robinson) and music attorney (Wallace Collins) just to name a few. Each guest offers their take on the current landscape, and shares their own unique history and how it colors their experience.

MUBUTV™ Insider Series takes viewers on an in-depth exploration into the world of music in film, television, trailers, micro-licensing and other forms of visual media in today’s multi-platform world. Several episodes examine different aspects of that process; from what each format requires, to how musical choices are made, to the best and most effective ways that artists and songwriters can develop a working relationship with these decision makers and improve their chances of getting music placed into the various outlets.  

The first episode to kick off the new season will feature music supervisor from Spot Music Barry Cole.

MUBUTV’s Insider Series will debut a new episode each Wednesday. For more information on any of the videos and news on MUBUTV™ contact John Sanders at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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