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Ignacio Val

Ever since he can remember, Ignacio Val knew that his favorite place was the stage and for that reason the young artist moved from Bolivia to Los Angeles seven years ago.







Ritch Esra

He has spent more than 34 years in the Music Industry. Having worked at Trade Magazines, Record Label A&R Depts., as well as teaching courses on the Music Business at UCLA Extension, Trebas Institute, SAE and Musicians Institute.






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Lefsetz Letter

  • Bad Judgment
    I went to Park City to go powder skiing. It started out as a group of eleven, all fired up to ride...
  • Money
    I don’t understand it. Oh, I know it makes the world go-round, they used to say that about...
  • Drake’s Playlist
    He knows there’s no rulebook. Whilst wannabes record albums and record labels sell CDs and...
  • Chuck Berry
    He was the father of rock and roll. Oh, don’t talk to me about Bill Haley. Boomers were...

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