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Ignacio Val

Ever since he can remember, Ignacio Val knew that his favorite place was the stage and for that reason the young artist moved from Bolivia to Los Angeles seven years ago.







Ritch Esra

He has spent more than 34 years in the Music Industry. Having worked at Trade Magazines, Record Label A&R Depts., as well as teaching courses on the Music Business at UCLA Extension, Trebas Institute, SAE and Musicians Institute.






Digital Music News

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Lefsetz Letter

  • John Glenn

    We were behind the Russkis. While we were busy lobbing softballs into space, Yuri Gagarin

  • Pandora Premium

    We go where our friends are. Spotify pushed the envelope, created the new paradigm, Apple

  • Steve Backer Dies

    I don’t like it when people I know die. I was just sitting in my car, checking my email to see

  • Attacking Trump

    It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Makes me want to give up my membership


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