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Co-Founder CEO [Audioshake]

Jessica Powell is the CEO and co-founder of Audioshake, which uses AI to separate songs into instrumentals and stems so that they can be used in sync licensing, remixing, and emerging immersive, education, and social media formats. The company counts all three major label groups among its customers, as well as top publishers like Concord, Reservoir, Primary Wave, and Hipgnosis; iconic indie labels like Sun, Cherry Red, and Mute; and production music libraries, indie artists, and producers. Powell spent over a decade at Alphabet (aka Google), where she sat on the company's management team, reporting into the CEO, and ran the company's global communications organization. She began her career at CISAC, the International Society of Authors and Composers in Paris, and during her career has worked across the fields of marketing, communications, product management, and policy. She is also the author of a novel, The Big Disruption: A Totally Fictional but Essentially True Silicon Valley Story, and her essays and fiction have been published in the New York Times, TIME, WIRED, and elsewhere.

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 “We’ve worked with family estates where they’re all of a sudden hearing the artist’s voice in a mono track recordings, hearing their father or a relative the way their voice was recorded in studio in a way that no one has ever heard, it’s a super powerful and really really rewarding thing.”
- Jessica Powell

Ever Wish You Could Have The Stems From Your Older Recordings Available?
Now You Can with Jessica Powell Co-Founder & CEO from Audioshake





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