Insider Profile | Hiba Irshad
Head of A&R [JioSaavn]

Hiba Irshad serves as the Head of A&R at JioSaavn, the global leader in South Asian streaming music.

She joined JioSaavn in 2016 and helped launch the artist ambassador program, Artist in Residence, and JioSaavn Podcasts. She then developed JioSaavn's in-house label, Artist Originals (AO). Hiba leads the label, seeks talent, facilitates collaborations, leads partnerships with artist management companies, and educates the global market on South Asian music and entertainment. Hiba and her team focus on bridging the gap between South Asian music and the West. Hiba is responsible for green-lighting 'Bom Diggy', to a global scale and drove its international success, achieving over 100 million streams on JioSaavn and placing it within a Bollywood film. Hiba also led the creative direction for artist collaborations with U2, Dillon Francis, and others. She has developed artists such as Chhavi Sodhani, Raghav, and The PropheC.

Hiba is passionate about social justice and advancing female careers, especially within the entertainment world. Hiba started and executes JioSaavn's annual International Women's Day event, bringing together executives across the industry to engage in meaningful dialogue around gender parity and professional support.

She is a proud member of the Recording Academy and mentors the next generation of music professionals through the academy's New York chapter.

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 “A lot of artists are too afraid to work with people who don’t necessarily make a certain type of music or write music the same way, and that’s really not gonna help you grow creatively. You have to be willing to explore a completely different subset of people than you’re used to working with.”
- Hiba Irshad


What If Your Record Label Was A Music Streaming Service? How JioSaavn Is Reinventing The Label Model with Hiba Irshad Head of A&R from JioSaavn 
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