Insider Profile | Margaret Saadi Kramer
Music Supervisor

In 1997, after scripting and producing a video for indie records giant Epitaph Records, Margaret left her long-time position as magazine editor to provide full-time management to songwriters, many Grammy nominated. Her experience as a label owner, independent publisher and music supervisor has provided a unique insight into both the position of licensor and licensee in the sometimes-complex supervision and clearance processes.

It's a perspective that has proved an invaluable one over the course of the last 12 years, where relationships with labels and publishers have withstood the test of time and an ever-shifting entertainment industry.

In 2004, she executive produced Sonic Revolution: A Celebration of The MC5 for Channel 4 (UK), as well as the accompanying DVD around the live performance event followed by a 30-minute documentary and 60-minute concert. Both ran as broadcast staples for Channel 4 and Trio Networks respectively.

In 2006, Margaret music consulted on the feature-length HBO documentary Hacking Democracy as well as the feature film Court Jesters.

And in 2007, the Noggin Networks series South of Nowhere music supervised by Margaret was nominated for a GLAAD award.

She worked on the controversial documentary film for PBS' Independent Lens series about Lexington Federal Correctional Institution entitled The Narcotic Farm. She also music supervised the comedy series Eastbound & Down starring Danny McBride (Tropic Thunder, Pineapple Express) and Will Ferrell for HBO.

Margaret is the co-owner of Antic Inc. (est. 2001), a successful Los Angeles-based music licensing company that provides and represents carefully selected music and images for television, video game and feature film campaigns. Her clients are the major and independent studios, networks and post-production houses around the globe. They have licensed for such high-profile film campaigns as The Matrix series, the Harry Potter series, the Spiderman series, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, the Batman series, Iron Man, The Mummy Series, Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Wall-E and literally hundreds of others, as well as commercials, new media, television (in all its formats), in-stores, demos and home video.

Margaret Saadi-Kramer | Music Supervisor | Teragram Music

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 “I thought that music would always be a side hustle, and then rock n’ roll saved my life."
- Margaret Saadi Kramer

How Music Supervisors Looking for Music Make Their Choices
With Margaret Saadi Kramer from Teragram Music [MIP029]




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