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[RITCH] Hiba, when in your life did you know that the music business was going to be your professional career path?

[ERIC] Hiba, let me ask you, how does being director of A&R at Jiosaavn differ from a traditional label?

[RITCH] You developed and launched Jiosaavn’s in-house label, Artist Originals. What was the motivation behind it and has it presented any conflicts of interest with the labels that you stream on the service?

[ERIC] For our audience, which is mainly comprised of up-and-coming artists, can you talk about what is happening with the music explosion and growth in the South Asian market, and why artists need to be paying attention to this market for their music?

[RITCH] As director of A&R for Jiosaavn, talk to us about the criteria that you’re using in not only evaluating talent, but in making your selections as to what artists you’re willing to sign to the label? What makes up that criteria for you?

[ERIC] Are there any unique factors that Jiosaavn being a streaming service can offer an artist that a traditional label cannot?

[RITCH] Is there a way for you to determine as a label, when you put a record out, that this has potential beyond the markets that you’re going for, like international markets beyond just what you reach?

[ERIC] Being that you’re a streaming service, what is the deal structure that you typically offer the artists that you sign? Are you guys offering marketing? Is it a long term deal? Is it a short term deal? Do you take publishing? Is there a recording budget, etc.?

[RITCH] How important is an artist's team to you when you’re signing an act to Jiosaavn?

[ERIC] What are some of the more innovative ways that you’ve been seeing unsigned artists marketing themselves?

[RITCH] What are some of the ways that artists are getting on your radar, to either evaluate, or I guess, the things that you follow or whatever. Are they industry relationships? Are they social media? Are they streaming networks? Are they all of the above?

[ERIC] One of our main initiatives here at MUBUTV for a while has been female representation on both the creative and business sides of the industry. We know that you're super passionate about this issue with some of the causes you’ve taken on in your career such as JioSaavn’s annual International Women’s Day event which just happened recently. What advice do you have for women who are committed to pursuing a career in the music industry?

[RITCH] Hiba, in your life, have there been any books or films that have really inspired you professionally speaking - that you can recommend to our audience?

[ERIC] Hiba, What advice can you offer our listeners who are wanting to pursue a career as an A&R executive such as yourself?

[RITCH] And for artists wanting to pursue a career as a professional recording artist in their lives, what advice do you have for them?



“At first, we really thought we’d be using a lot of data, but it really went the other direction and it’s almost completely on intuition and gut for A&R"

“Aligning yourself with the right teams, and being open to feedback, and being as collaborative as you can be, because I think that’s what opens up so many doors”

“A lot of artists are too afraid to work with people who don’t necessarily make a certain type of music or write music the same way, and that’s really not gonna help you grow creatively. You have to be willing to explore a completely different subset of people than you’re used to working with”



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