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[RITCH] Kenny, when in your life did you know that the music business was going to be your professional career path?

[ERIC] Kenny, you’re head of A&R for a label that is owned by a major brand - Red Bull, what is your criteria both creatively and non-creatively for signing an artist today?

[RITCH] Can you talk to us about some of the advantages or unique practical elements that Red Bull Records can offer that another label cannot?

[ERIC] What can Red Bull Records offer prospective artists that you’re looking to sign that is unique from other labels?

[ERIC] How important, in your position, is the team of an artist when you’re considering signing them? Is that something in your consideration when you’re gonna make that commitment?

[ERIC] How much weight do you place in an artist's live performance ability when considering them for signing? And does it vary with genre?

[RITCH] What, in your mind, are the specific qualities that you think make a great A&R person?

[ERIC] Are there any particular things that an artist can do to get on your radar, or on the radar of an A&R that you would advise an artist to do?

[RITCH] Kenny, throughout your life, have there been any books or movies that have truly been inspirational to you - professionally speaking?

[ERIC] Kenny, What advice can you offer our listeners who are wanting to pursue a career as an A&R executive?

[RITCH] Finally, what advice would you have for artists wanting to pursue a career as a professional recording artist today?

[ERIC] Kenny, where can people best connect with you and Red Bull Records?



“I tell artists, keep pushing, keep flooding emails. Because at some point, maybe there might be an A&R executive tired, s/he might come home late at night, and you never what they click on”

“Be a bit entrepreneurial nowadays, start off independent, and start off trying to touch all the aspects of the artists in management.”



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