Insider Profile | Chantal Epp
Founder [ClicknClear]

Chantal is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who was recently lauded as one of the 50 Most inspiring Women in Tech in the UK for her work in founding ClicknClear, a music rights tech and licensing company servicing untapped markets to bring new revenue into the music industry.

Following her work in sync licensing, working on projects with Spotify, big brands and professional YouTubers, Chantal found herself in a unique position to merge her two passions, Cheerleading and Music, after the Cheerleading industry suffered a lawsuit from a major label. This led to the creation of ClicknClear, to solve a global music licensing problem worth $2.4Bn+ annually.

Chantal and her team work with major and independent record labels and publishers to clear the specialist rights needed for the market and use unique technology to unlock a new value-add revenue stream.

Chantal is still an active athlete and advocate for ParaCheer (disability inclusive Cheerleading) and pre-Covid was often found travelling around the world helping National Federations start inclusive cheerleading teams, as well as building ClicknClear into a global solution across multiple sports.

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 “We curate content, create playlists, and we do what we can to promote what’s there and bring to the surface some of that music.
- Chantal Epp


Licensing Your Music to Sports Teams with ClickNClear


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