Insider Profile | Bill Murphy
Managing Director & Partner [Schubert Music Publishing US]

Bill is a broadly experienced administrator for major music publishers and record companies with management background in copyright administration, licensing, audits and royalties, though he has worked in every step of the modern music publishing process as well as working on the due diligence for various publishing catalog acquisitions. Bill has worked with companies including Bug Music, Universal Music Publishing, Universal Music Group, Virgin Records, and as co-founder and director at Pacific Electric Music Publishing.


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 “I think some of the mistakes I’ve seen songwriters do where they might get into a deal that is not beneficial to them or they may be very much in need of money, and they might do a deal without reading the deal or seeing what the repercussions of the deal down the line. So later on down the line, they suddenly realize they can't get their copyrights back or they've signed away a much higher percentage than they should have.”
- Bill Murphy


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