The Hung White Ponies, a present day Rock N' Roll supergroup is releasing a live concert DVD recorded during a March, 2013 performance at Seattle's now infamous High Dive during the bands recent US West Coast tour which saw them appearing before capacity crowds at nearly every show. The release, which is a limited edition of only 500 units, each hand numbered, comes on the heels of the band's 3rd major film festival win for their groundbreaking 2012 release "CRAZYTOWN" A Visual Music Album as it gains traction as a potential barnstormer and fan and media favorite in several categories during the 2013 film festival season. The Hung White Ponies, or HWP as fans often refer to them are, by definition, a supergroup since their lineup includes members Dave Krusen, original drummer for Pearl Jam and the beat behind that band's debut album, diamond-selling mega-hit "Ten" and legendary and influential rock bassist, Rick "The Bass Player" Rosas who's work is found on the albums and live concerts of Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Buffalo Springfield and many others. The band is fronted by Cleveland, Ohio's Ryan Kralik whose previous records have gained him critical acclaim and national media attention as a gifted composer and songwriter. Lead guitarist James Holsopple comes to the band via Kralik. The two have been playing together for years and Holsopple plays in Kralik's Cleveland-area quartet The Ryan Kralik Band. A unique and outside-the-box voice in the bands sound is cellist virtuoso Michael G. Ronstadt whose command of the sonic spectrum in the HWP songs challenges both modern and traditional ideas about his instrument's place and potential in Rock N' Roll music both live and studio recorded.

"I went through like 50-60 hours of footage and audio from the (March, West Coast) tour and almost every show was great and had a great crowd. Any of these gigs would have made a terrific listening experience for fans but the Seattle (High Dive) gig stood out both in sound and visual clarity and energy of the band and crowd. Its really a great place to play and their sound engineer is second to none so it was a easy, hard decisionssssssd, said Kralik of the band's selection of The High Dive and the drummer, Dave Krusen's hometown of Seattle, Washington for the live concert release.

The band, which says another US tour leg is being plotted for later this summer, presumably sharing the bill with another up-and-coming act or perhaps as support for a larger act and playing to much larger crowds.

The special limited edition DVD is titled "The Hung White Ponies Live @ The High Dive - Seattle, WA - 3/17/13" and is available exclusively at The Hung White Ponies official website and at The Seattle High Dive located at 513 N 36th
Seattle, WA 98103. The audio-visual project from HWP, "CRAZYTOWN" A Visual Music Album can be further explored and followed at the official website for the release