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Livingston were founded in London, but relocated to Berlin in 2008, where they signed to Universal Music the following year. Their debut album Sign Language charted Top 20 in the German sales charts and was subsequently deemed the iTunes Newcomer Album of the Year. The band's tours sold out and their hit single "Broken" brought them numerous accolades. However, two years later, when Livingston went on to record their second album Fire To Fire with acclaimed rock producer David Bottrill (Muse, Placebo, Tool), they made a miscalculation and bowed to label demands to go in a more commercial direction. After the resulting effort misfired, the group ended up parting ways with the label, whereupon they found a little cottage, a hunter's cabin in the woods just outside Berlin, and started writing their third album, Animal. This time around, Livingston decided to do the whole process themselves. The result can be heard in songs that flow like a live set, capturing the full range of emotions the band has always been known for, but never encapsulated so successfully. Animal is a record from artists who are free from the pressures of success and open to their own potential.



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 "Doing your own music in the way that you want to do it and having full creative control
is, in my opinion, leads above anything I’ve ever experienced in the music industry.

- Beukes Willamse | Livingston


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