Insider Profile | Shane Tobin
VP of Partnerships [Sofar Sounds]

As VP of Partnerships at Sofar Sounds, Shane is in charge of strategic partnerships for content distribution and promotion as well as relationships with artist management and booking agencies.

Previously Shane was Global Head of Partnerships for the Content and Creator Team at Spotify, focused on creating and delivering new opportunities, data insights, and additional value for artists, managers, and labels. He oversaw the team responsible for Fans First and executed deals with Ticketmaster, AXS, and Eventbrite creating a strategy for Spotify to support artists in the live music space.

Prior to Spotify, Tobin ran Business Development and Partnerships for The Echo Nest from 2011 until they were acquired by Spotify in March of 2014. Before that, he ran music teams and partnerships for MobiTV, imeem, House of Blues Digital in addition to artist management for the Grammy nominated band, Yerba Buena.

Phil Quartararo

Sofar Sounds | Official Website

 “Focus on the things that you’re passionate about in terms of your music and your art. There are no guarantees in music, there are no guarantees in the art world, and that’s one of the hardest things about what we do.”
- Shane Tobin

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