Insider Profile | Rob McDermott [Mad Mac Entertainment]
[Linkin Park, Perry Farrell]

Originally founded in 2006, Mad Mac Entertainment is a premiere artist management company that has been home to artists such as Linkin Park, Wayne Static, Hellyeah, Gemini Syndrome, From Ashes to New, and more. Founder Rob McDermott is passionate about “helping artists realize their visions with fresh ideas and guidance,” and therefore Rob consistently strives to “deliver the constant innovation and personal service to [his] artists” that is often sorely missing from this industry.

Prior to moving to Mad Mac Entertainment, Rob was president of the music division at the Collective, where he helped lend creative guidance to acts such as Slash, Plaine White T’s, Big Boi, Avenged Sevenfold, and Alanis Morrisette. In a career spanning 20 years and stretching around the world, McDermott is best known for his time working with Linkin Park, during which time he was instrumental in helping the band and their associated side projects sell over 50 million albums worldwide.

Rob McDermott | Artist Manager

Rob McDermott| Official Website

 This isn’t a job, It’s a lifestyle."
- Rob McDermott


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Insights from Artist Manager Rob McDermott [Mad Mac Entertainment]



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