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Music Attorney

E. E. "Ned" Menoyo is both an experienced attorney and an experienced performer, as an actor and musician. While he is engaged in contract negotiation and drafting now, he is an experienced criminal and civil litigator, having both tried cases and oral appellate arguments. His experiences in both the courtroom and performing on stage inform his work today -- he knows how the contract affects the artist, but also if there is a dispute, what that trial will be like.

​Ned was born in New York City and was raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from Buckingham, Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ned went on to major in Theater at the University of Vermont. Two years later, while still an undergraduate, Ned was admitted to the Graduate Acting Program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Ned left the Graduate Acting Program after receiving his B.F.A in Drama from New York University in order to return to Boston to attend law school.

In Boston, he worked for Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II and enrolled in Northeastern University School of Law. After graduating from Northeastern University School of Law, Ned worked as a criminal prosecutor in both Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine. In Maine, Ned was the designated domestic violence prosecutor for the City of Portland for three years. He has also worked as a trial attorney in private practice in Massachusetts, Maine, and California, including a 9-year stint working on major corporate litigation at Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart & Sullivan in Los Angeles.

Ned played in rock bands, guitar and vocals, in high school and college. Ned has performed as a musician ever since.

Ned is admitted to practice law in the states of California, Massachusetts, and Maine.

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 Never sign anything you don’t understand every word of."
- Ned Menoyo

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