Insider Profile | Kenny "Tick" Salcido
A&R Executive [Red Bull Records]

Kenny “Tick” Salcido serves as Senior Vice President/Head of A&R for Red Bull Records, overseeing all
A&R activities, including procuring artists and executives, launching new initiatives, and shaping the
legacy of the label under Managing Director, Greg Hammer.

Currently, Salcido looks after the full roster, elevating culturally impactful artists of all genres such as,
Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes), The Aces, Beartooth (Gold), GRAMMY-nominated rapper Blxst
(Platinum), Gavin Haley, Kofi, and more. Driven by an artist-friendly ethos, he has also orchestrated
several internal partnerships including, Wonderchild (JUGGER), the imprint with GRAMMY-nominated
producer WondaGurl, as well as joint ventures with Mind of a Genius (Peter $un) and EVGLE/Red Bull
Records (Blxst). “I believe in empowering the artists and executives across the A&R team and roster,” he
shares. “Our motto in A&R must be to amplify the artist to the best of our ability.”

Over the last 10 years, Salcido has built a competitive team of talented professionals, which includes the
label’s prominent Vice President of A&R, Charles “CB” Burks III. In addition to growing and developing a
dynamic artist roster, Salcido oversees all creative initiatives and hires with Red Bull Records Publishing
(Eric Aukoustics, Kofi, LordQuest).

Salcido began his career in his late teens working at the Beastie Boys’ imprint, Grand Royal Records,
where he helped produce and commission remixes for the multi-Platinum trio. He later explored his
passion for story telling as a music journalist, cutting his teeth at forward-thinking publications like
Grand Royal Magazine and The FADER. Salcido found his calling as an A&R thereafter, spending time at
DreamWorks, Epic, and most recently, Warner Records where he signed multi-Platinum artist Wiz
Khalifa and 3x GRAMMY-nominated artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Terrace Martin.

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Kenny Salcido | Instagram

 “I tell artists, keep pushing, keep flooding emails. Because at some point, maybe there might be an A&R executive tired, s/he might come home late at night, and you never what they click on.”
- Kenny "Tick" Salcido

How Red Bull Records A&R Gives Your Music Career Wings


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A&R Wisdom on Pursuing and Succeeding in Your Music Career with Sr. VP/Head of A&R Kenny “Tick” Salcido from Red Bull Records
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