Insider Profile | Jenn Tolman Hurst
CEO [Streamline Talent Group]

Jenn Tolman Hurst is currently the CEO of Streamline Talent Group which manages the careers of musicians, television personalities, technology entrepreneurs and influencers such as Emmy Award winning/multi-platinum selling artist Rachel Platten, Kelsy Karter and Leah Kate. Prior to, Jenn was at Vector management where she managed pop rock legend Avril Lavigne, ZZ Ward, and Transviolet. Jenn spent her 20s getting firsthand experience touring with Lil Wayne and then-rising stars Nicki Minaj and Drake. "I always wanted to be a part of the development process with artists and help them grow from the ground up," she says. "The music industry is in my blood." Small wonder, since Tolman's father was the late Gerry Tolman, longtime manager for Crosby, Stills & Nash. Then, checking that dream off her bucket list, she put in work at some of the biggest talent agencies, WME and Paradigm. Helping musicians find their place in the tv/film world, Jenn worked with artists such as Sia, Ja Rule, Bruno Mars, Janelle Monae, Pusha T, Tyga, The Black Eyed Peas, Snoop Dogg and Karrueche Tran.

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 “Your clients always need to want it more and they need to be working just as hard if not harder, so that’s the first thing I think about and look at in a person when I’m considering working with them.”
- Jenn Tolman Hurst

What Is Expected of You Today as an Artist From Music Managers In The New Music Business with Jenn Tolman Hurst CEO from Streamline Talent Group
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