Insider Profile | Janine Kerr
Former VP of Fox Sports


In her role as VP at Fox Sports Music, Janine Kerr oversees Fox Sports Network and Cable, along with Regional Sports, Deportes, Soccer and Soccer +, Big Ten, Fuel, Speed and also Fox Sports 1 coming in August, plus the non-sports Mundo Fox Music. She is the lead creative on music for all of the above for all music in-show and/or promos for all groups that fall under the Fox Sports Group, working with everyone from indies and one stops to major labels and publishers, as well as with various production library music vendors.

Janine has spent eight years-plus working in network television and cable and also boasts over 20 years of music industry experience, possessing in-depth knowledge of music supervision/creative; along with music clearance, licensing and business affairs for television marketing music operations at all levels. She also has proficiency in staffing, training and development, music rights strategies, budgeting, music marketing creative and music supervision.

Janine Kerr | Former VP of Fox Sports


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 “TV is the new radio."
- Janine Kerr


How To Get Your Music Into A Sports Promo At Fox Sports

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