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Record Producer [Motorhead, Kelly Clarkson, Santana]

Born in Philadelphia, Howard Benson pursued twin interests in music and science, studying composition at the Philadelphia College for Performing Arts while also earning a degree in Materials Engineering from Drexel College. Arriving in Los Angeles, he took a day job with Garrett AiResearch while playing with a band at night. When he decided to bring his two interests together as a record producer, Howard quickly shot to the top of the profession. Since the turn of the century he's produced dozens of the most creative acts on the charts, including My Chemical Romance, P.O.D., Hoobastank, Papa Roach and Daughtry's 5x Platinum debut album.

The key to Howard's success is his understanding that technology is a means to an end: a tool to unleash the best of what a band has to offer. He draws from his experience as a musician to empower the artists to find their own voice. "I try not to put a style of my own on what the artist does," Howard observes, "which is why it's a compliment when people say that none of the albums I produce sounds the same."

Howard Benson 

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- Howard Benson


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