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Music Publishing [Angry Mob Music] 


Debra Delshad is the new Senior Director of Sync & Licensing at Angry Mob Music. Debra’s title just scratches the surface of what she brings to the table at Angry Mob. Having years of experience in the music industry, previously at Dreamworks, EMI, and ole, Debra is responsible for placing and licensing music catalogs across film, television, advertising, trailers, and branding campaigns. Debra is determined and fearless when it comes to developing innovative ideas that simultaneously drive revenue and grow opportunities for each artist in the catalog. Debra works closely with different departments of the company, including, A&R, creative and business development. If you are ever in Debra’s office, you will always find a bowl of candy and fresh flowers.

Debra Delshad | Music Publishing | Angry Mob Music

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 “Have fun and keep the creative juices going."
- Debra Delshad


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