MUBUTV Insider Podcast 'Origin Story' |
Ritch Esra & Eric Knight [MUBUTV Co-Hosts]

Insiders! In this first episode of the MUBUTV Insider Podcast entitled, 'Building a Successful Career in Music: What You Need to Know in 2023' we discuss our 'Origin Story' and what our mission here is at MUBUTV which is to educate, empower & engage your music career.

The 'MUBUTV Insider Podcast' Is a deep dive for listeners like you who want to educate, empower & engage their music career. We take you inside behind the scenes through a series of in depth conversations with today’s leading experts in the Music Industry including: A&R, Music Supervision, Artist Management, Marketing, Publicity, Touring and much much more.

In today’s Music Industry you the artist have more power than in any other time in the history of the Music Industry. So it’s up to you, when you’re ready to put your music to work.

Insiders, are you ready? 

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