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Music Marketing | Black Box

Brian Popowitz is the Vice President and General Manager at Black Box, a modern music marketing agency that develops, grows and breaks artists through digital branding, strategy and partnerships. Under his stewardship, Black Box builds audience and clear path to revenue. The company works with music managers, record labels, publishers and music supervisors to create new revenue streams and forge new partnerships throughout an artist’s development.

Popowitz began his career in music while completing a self-designed BA in “Music Industry & Society” at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD. Working up from internships, street team work and DJing, Popowitz eventually established himself as a digital marketing guru at a number of major and independent labels including Geffen/Universal, Drive-Thru Records and Nettwerk. In 2011, he became the Director of Digital Marketing at Warner Bros. Records, where he met Black Box founder and CEO Livia Tortella.

Brian is a marketing executive whose work redefines the role of artist management and branding in the digital age. He is a resource for all things related to digital media and data analytics, with the technical know-how and creativity to execute new ideas and strategies.


Brian Popowitz | Music Marketing | Black Box

 “We’re in an era where the music is the byproduct of the asset and the asset truly is the artist.”
- Brian Popowitz

Strategies for Developing a Strong Audience Relationship
With Brian Popowitz From Black Box [MIP023]



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