Andy Gould - Music Manager [Rob Zombie]

In this engaging episode of the MUBUTV Insider Video Series, Eric Knight sits down with veteran music manager Andy Gould to shed light on what it takes to thrive in the music industry.

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Drawing from his extensive experience working with legendary bands like Rob Zombie, Pantera, Linkin Park, and Guns N' Roses, Gould shares valuable insights into the world of artist management and offers advice for aspiring musicians looking to attract top-notch management.

The Role of a Music Manager:

Gould believes that an artist manager's primary responsibility is to serve as the artists' voice and advocate. Unlike music publishers, who are often seen as the 'enemy,' managers have a deep understanding of both the artistic and business aspects of the music industry. They act as the bridge between artists and the industry, leveraging their knowledge to nurture the artist's career and make informed decisions.

The Importance of a Manager:

Gould emphasizes that having a good manager can be a game-changer for musicians. Through his experience, he has witnessed how managers who understand the psychology of artists and possess business acumen can guide their clients to unparalleled success. Managers are crucial in areas such as touring budgets, merchandising, and expanding an artist's reach globally, where record labels may sometimes lack the specialized knowledge.

Attracting Quality Management:

According to Gould, it is essential for artists to prove themselves and generate buzz before attracting top-tier management. With the advent of technology, musicians now have opportunities to establish themselves independently, and Gould encourages artists to seize these chances to build a strong foundation. While family members may be well-intentioned, Gould advises against bringing them in as managers and instead suggests seeking professionals who can provide the necessary industry expertise.




The Dual Nature of the Music Industry:

Gould emphasizes that success in the music industry requires a delicate balance between creativity and business acumen. Artists need to work harder than the competition, engage their fans, and analyze why they may not be resonating with their audience. Gould's successful collaborations, such as AC/DC and U2, attest to the importance of being exceptional both as an artist and as a savvy entrepreneur.

The Power of Good Communication:

Gould's belief in effective communication is evident in his relationships with his clients, particularly his strong connection with Rob Zombie. Regular communication, honesty, and a genuine interest in the artist and their music form the foundation of a successful artist-manager relationship. Gould's experiences highlight the significance of transparency, teamwork, and shared goals in fostering fruitful collaborations.

Overcoming Challenges with Innovation:

Gould, who has transitioned from managing bands to pursuing a successful career in film, attests to the necessity of constantly adapting and innovating in the face of industry challenges. With the rise of streaming and the changing landscape of the music industry, he emphasizes the importance of diversifying and exploring new mediums to keep fans engaged.

Andy Gould's wealth of experience as a music manager offers invaluable insights into the inner workings of the industry. From the importance of good management to the delicate balance between artistry and business, Gould's advice serves as a guiding light for aspiring musicians seeking to make their mark. By embracing innovation, maintaining open communication, and working diligently towards their goals, artists can pave their own path to success, all while building lasting relationships with their fans and industry professionals alike.Remember, the music industry is not just about talent and star power; it requires dedication, hard work, and thoughtful management to achieve long-term success.





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