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Artist Manager 

British music manager/film producer Andy Gould began his career at age 15 as the messenger boy for Chappell Music. While on a delivery to the famed AIR London he enquired about work and was immediately hired as one of the studio's "tea boys," serving top producers and bands (including the Beatles). In the mid '70s Andy helped establish Pebble Beach Studios, where many of the classic Stiff Records singles were recorded.

Andy co-founded Concrete Management & Marketing in 1989, quickly becoming the premier hard-rock management company. In 1993 he relocated to Los Angeles and started Andy Gould Management, which was bought by The Firm in late 2001. After five years as a partner and Co-Head of Music at The Firm Andy created Spectacle Entertainment Group, where he continues his key role in the success of Rob Zombie, both musically and cinematically. In 2013 Andy came full circle, launching T-Boy Records, an umbrella label releasing new music and albums from established hard-rock bands with major followings, with Universal Music Enterprises. The first releases were from Rob Zombie and Megadeth.

Andy Gould | Artist Manager

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 “You do not want a momager or a dadager, you want a manager.”
- Andy Gould


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