Insider Profile | Alicen Schneider
SVP of Music at NBCUniversal
[Mr. Robot, Heroes, Saved By the Bell]

Alicen Schneider is the head of the Creative Music division for NBCUniversal Television. In this capacity, she oversees a team of five in-house music supervisors as well as all outside studio music supervisor hires. She currently music supervises "Being Human" and "Warehouse 13" for Syfy and manages the music needs of all productions under Universal Television and Universal Cable Productions. In addition, she contributes music creative for select NBC Agency promotional campaigns; most notably the Olympics every two years, and assists with strategic music partnerships for the multi-platform marketing of shows.

Alicen operates as a music liaison between network and studio creative executives for stunt casting and on-camera opportunities and negotiates composer deals for Universal Television-produced programs. She also solicits the creation of original compositions and recordings for both promotional campaigns and episodic series. Past projects include "Grimm," "Royal Pains," "Heroes," "The Event," "Trauma," "Crossing Jordan" and "Monk." Before joining NBCUniversal, Alicen was an A&R assistant in the Film/Television division of Warner Special Products and was also a college DJ for LA's acclaimed Alternative station KXLU-FM.


Alicen Schneider


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 “I've ended relationships with people that I had considered trusted sources, because they burned me in the end.”
- Alicen Schneider


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