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[RITCH] At what point in your life did you know that the music industry was going to be your professional career path?

[ERIC] Andrew, can you discuss what is your criteria both creatively and non-creatively for signing an artist today at Atlantic Records?

[RITCH] How does an artist get on your radar? How do they reach you? How do they bring themselves to get your attention?

[ERIC] In today’s day and age, is there a certain level of artist development that needs to occur prior to you signing an artist?

[RITCH] How do you sell Atlantic Records as the place that an artist needs to be? What are the unique factors that you can sell an artist on that Atlantic is the right home for them, because I’m sure that’s a part of your A&R job.

[ERIC] How do you determine when you’re signing an act based on a song that is really gaining traction on its own independently, that you have a real viable long term act?

[RITCH] In your mind, does that make a difference in terms of how you approach artists creatively in that you know what it takes to actually do that because you have the engineering background?

[RITCH] Andrew, in your position, how important is the team of an artist when you’re considering signing them? Is that something you take into account when you’re really serious about them?

[ERIC] Andrew, what is Atlantic’s philosophy on staying with artists that don’t break on their debut release?

[RITCH] How much weight do you place on an artist's live performance ability in terms of signing? Does that factor into it or is genre a determining factor in that question?

[ERIC] Andrew, are there any books or films that have really resonated with you professionally speaking - that you could recommend to our audience, whether it was music industry-related, or anything that was influential to you?

[RITCH] What advice do you have for someone who wants to get into A&R as a career profession?

[ERIC] Andrew, What advice can you offer our listeners who are wanting to pursue a career as a recording artist?

[RITCH] How can artists or people who are interested in reaching you, how can they best communicate with you? What’s the best way to do that?



“You can be blinded by research. I think when you’re taking that approach, you have to use your gut at the end of the day”

“As much as people want to send their music out, don’t send it out until you believe in your heart that it cannot get any better than where it is right now”

“If you’re reaching out to somebody, just be ready with whatever they have”



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